как-то так.

Spy is all around me and so the feeling grows
06.10.2010 в 11:05
Пишет la_nina:

Нас продали!!!
Liverpool Football Club today announces that the Board has agreed the sale of the Club to New England Sports Ventures (NESV).

New England Sports Ventures currently owns a portfolio of companies including the Boston Red Sox, New England Sports Network, Fenway Sports Group and Rousch Fenway Racing.

Martin Broughton, Liverpool FC Chairman, said:

"I am delighted that we have been able to successfully conclude the sale process which has been thorough and extensive. The Board decided to accept NESV's proposal on the basis that it best met the criteria we set out originally for a suitable new owner. NESV's philosophy is all about winning and they have fully demonstrated that at Red Sox.
"We've met them in Boston, London and Liverpool over several weeks and I am immensely impressed with what they have achieved and with their vision for Liverpool Football Club.
"By removing the burden of acquisition debt, this offer allows us to focus on investment in the team. I am only disappointed that the owners have tried everything to prevent the deal from happening and that we need to go through legal proceedings in order to complete the sale."

(Note to editors:
The sale is conditional on Premier League approval, resolution of the dispute concerning Board membership and other matters. )

Но честно, лучше бы арабам, чем непонятным инвесторам...

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Ну почему не арабы? >_<

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2010-10-06 в 15:55 

Я рад, что вам смешно. Я думал спазмы. (с)
ну вообще как бы не продали еще. отдали сделку на рассмотрение, и наверняка будут суды.
короче я пока никак не реагирую.

2010-10-06 в 15:58 

Spy Raccoon Miki
Spy is all around me and so the feeling grows
burnet, я упорно хочу арабов, хочу денег. Потому что тогда появится возможность хоть что-то поменять.

2010-10-06 в 16:03 

Загляни в глаза джинну - и ты увидишь там себя
Да, Хикс и Ко препятствуют, поэтому будут суды. Но я сомневаюсь как-то в этой компании.


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